Project Poke was established in 2016 to be a trendsetting, go-to poke destination in Fountain Valley California. It quickly gained attraction and interest from locals and tourists alike after introducing the sushi donut and going viral on social media, with features from Insider Food, Tastemade, and Foodbeast.

Project Poke is made up of 20 people. This small business strives to make a big impact in its community through serving good food, as well as advocating for learning, education, and creative expression.

Best Ingredients

Our Fish is delivered fresh each morning with items originally created and prepared in-house. Our bowls have an array of healthy options to choose from.

Avocado = high in fiber
Salmon = omega-3 heart health
Tuna = lower blood pressure
Edamame = high in protein

Others Nutritional Items Include:
Scallop = nutritious, rich in protein, low in calories
Shrimp = low in calories, high in nutrients
Green onions = vitamin A, K, and C
Cucumber = high in nutrients
Red cabbage = contains vitamin C,
Seaweed salad = contain many vitamins and minerals

House Specialties


HULA Burger


Toasted brioche buns, lettuce ⅓ pound angus beef patty, grilled pineapple, bacon, crispy onions, teriyaki sauce, and spicy mayo sauce.

Loco Moco

Loco Moco


White rice, gravy, ⅓ pound angus beef patty, sunnyside up egg, and green onions.


Spam Musubi


White rice, dry seaweed, deep fried spam, eel sauce.


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